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Your restaurant menu probably has a few fried items on it. Typically, you would use grease or oil to deep fry these foods. That same grease can build up on stove hoods and adversely affect your patrons' health. However, there is a way to prepare fried foods without resorting to the use of oils or grease.

Trak-Air, Inc., sells hot air fryers to commercial businesses. Our countertop units can brown, fry, crisp, broil, and bake. Because no grease is necessary, our forced-air food systems offer a healthier alternative to current frying methods. We have sold thousands of these easy-to-use units. Join our list of satisfied customers.


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Good food can be healthy too. Trak-Air, Inc., of Castle Rock, Colorado, has served customers' cooking needs for more than 30 years. We manufacture one of the oldest hot-air, greaseless fryers on the market today. In the mid-1980s, we began looking for better ways to cook without all the grease and fat that comes with traditional frying. Imagine cooking pizza, French fries, hot dogs, nuggets, cheese sticks, chicken wings, pretzels, and much more, all in a high-speed, forced-air fryer. These highly modified convection ovens allow you to cook great-tasting foods with no messy clean-up.


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